Daytime Emmy Awards Producer Departs

The Daytime Emmy Awards are in the market for both a network and a producer as Associated Television International, which produced the awards telecast the last 3 years, won’t return. The company’s Jim Romanovich made the announcement today in a lengthy and somewhat controversial statement on Twitter that had not been authorized by ATI and took his bosses by surprise. He stressed multiple times that he and his colleagues are soap fans, a genre that is rapidly vanishing from daytime and the Daytime Emmy Awards. He acknowledged that producing the Daytime Emmy Awards was “quite challenging” and “never a money making project for us.” The Daytime Emmys got in trouble when ABC and CBS didn’t renew their deals to alternate carrying the Daytime Emmys past 2008. ATI stepped in as a producer and made a deal with the CW where the awards show drew a very small audience. For the past 2 years, it aired on CBS in a time buy-type deals. In his post today, Romanovich said that “CBS did want it again as well as two cable networks for second run.” His statement then took a bizarre “what could’ve been” turn. “Creatively this year, we were planning to do a more intimate Golden Globes style production to include a tribute to One Life To Live that really was going to be a souvenir to the daytime fans.” He blamed the decision to pull out on shows the company is working on, including “two very big series for two different networks which will be announced in the next two weeks.” Here is the post:

Regretfully, we have today officially passed on doing The Daytime Emmys for television this year. As fans of the soaps in particular, as well as being daytime producers ourselves, we have immensely enjoyed being a part of your celebration these past three years. In 2009, there was not going to be a Daytime Emmys for television, as you know. It was over. we felt it was important for it to continue on television for as long as possible to give actors, producers, writers and so forth the night of recognition they so deserve. It wasn’t always easy. In fact, it was quite challenging on many levels. Although it was never a money making project for us, it was prestigious, first and foremost, plus we wanted to do something important for the daytime community. (more…)

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