Pellicano Prosecutor: Hollywood Wannabe!

As I’ve told you, the guy who’s got Hollywood by the balls right now, U.S. Attorney Daniel A. Saunders, doesn’t have an official bio or photo. (See Pellicano Prosecutor Nixes Press Profiles.) But it turns out we do know something about him, courtesy of a March 2004 Vanity Fair article by Howard Blum and John Connolly, “The Pellicano Brief” (assuming the VF fact-checking department wasn’t dozing). Gee golly, Saunders in his youth was a Hollywood wannabe! “Dan Saunders, 41, like so many dreamers before him, had come to Los Angeles hoping to become an actor and a writer. Nearly two decades ago, fresh out of Princeton, he arrived in town with his senior thesis tucked under his arm: a play called ‘The Death of William Shakespeare.’ After a brief run the play died its own death.

“Saunders, only a bit daunted, decided that his future was not in pounding out words but rather in speaking them. He had acted at Princeton, always to good notices, and an objective glance in the mirror revealed leading-man good looks-a mop of curly black hair, chiseled jaw, and piercing eyes. For a while, he had some success, with brooding, if terse, appearances on the network soaps. And he tried the theater clubs, but after too many nights when there were more people onstage than in the audience, as he took to joking, he put his dream aside. He enrolled at U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall law school and landed a fancy job at a Century City law firm. Then, hooked on the drama of trial work, he became a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, assigned to L.A.’s Terrorism and Organized Crime section. But in the summer of 2002 his life in the shadows was about to end. Dan Saunders was finally about to make it big in Hollywood.”

Interesting, too, that on the Boalt Hall School of Law website this was reprinted under “Alumni in the News.”

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