If Ari Emanuel Were Gentile…

UPDATE: WSJ has swapped out the photo.

The once venerable Wall Street Journal needs to get a clue when it comes to reporting about Hollywood agents. Accompanying today’s story about WME’s ‘Camp Allen’-like conference which the agency held at La Costa Resort last month, is a Getty Images picture that’s identified as Ari Emanuel. But it’s not. I’ll let Deadline readers have fun, but betcha this is what Ari would look like if he were gentile. In fact WME is busily trying to find out who this guy really is because no one knows. (P.S. I didn’t write about the agency’s non-showbiz confab at the time because we’d had too many posts about WME in a row. Holler if you want to hear about it…)

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2012/02/if-ari-emanuel-were-gentile-231952/