R.I.P. Dory Previn

Lyricist Dory Previn, who shared three Oscar nominations for songs from movies, died today at her home in Southfield, Mass. She was 86. Previn enjoyed a devoted following but was better known for her lyrics than her voice. Working with her then-husband Andre Previn, they were nominated for two Oscars for Best Song — “Faraway Part of Town” from Pepe and “Second Chance” from Two For The Seesaw. Perhaps her best-known lyrics, however, were for the couple’s collaboration on the theme song from 1967’s movie of Jacqueline Susann’s showbiz novel Valley Of The Dolls which became a huge hit for Dionne Warwick. Dory Previn’s third Oscar nomination was for her work with composer Fred Karlin on “Come Saturday Morning” from the 1969 movie The Sterile Cuckoo. The emotionally fragile lyricist fell apart when Andre Previn left her for Mia Farrow and she was institutionalized for several months. Thereafter she continued to write and record music, and she and Andre Previn eventually reconciled as friends. Survived by her husband, painter Joby Baker.

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