Samuel Goldwyn Films Takes Rights to 'The State Of Illusion'

Scott Cervine’s People V. The State Of Illusion was picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films. Written and produced by Austin Vickers, the film explores the science and power of perceptions and imagination reminiscent of 2004’s What The Bleep Do We Know!?? — also a Goldwyn title. Set in a New Mexico penitentiary, the story centers on Aaron Roberts who is convicted of claiming a woman’s life, forcing his daughter to become a ward of the state. An attorney learns of her plight and decides to represent her in an innovative and emotionally compelling case against the state. Vickers, a professional speaker in the field of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, will appear at the film’s premiere in cities across the country to conduct audience Q&As. Goldwyn acquired U.S. rights and plans a March release.

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