Indomina Buying 2012 Sundance Film 'LUV'

EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that Indomina Entertainment is making a distribution deal on LUV, the Sheldon Candis-directed film that premiered January 23 at the Eccles Theatre. The deal will be in the low seven-figures and includes a TV component. This comes as the film screens at EFM. The film is about an 11-year old boy who awaits the return of his missing mother, and who lives with his grandmother and Uncle Vincent. He idolizes the latter, a man who is fresh off an 8-year prison stretch and who takes it upon himself to help the youth become a man. When Vincent’s attempts to open a business doesn’t work out, and pressure is brought to bear by his old Baltimore crime boss Mr. Fish, the youth’s growth into manhood accelerates. The film stars Common, Dennis Haysbert, Michael Rainey Jr., Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton and Michael Kenneth Williams. ICM and Cinetic Media repped the title at Sundance, and Eric Christenson at Hollywood Studios International is repping the film overseas. Jason Michael Berman produced the film with W. Michael Jenson, Gordon Bijelonic, Datari Turner, Joel Newton, James R. Rosenthal, Common and Derek Dudley.

This is the second Indomina deal at Sundance, after the distributor bought the Ice-T directed The Art of Rap.

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