Ron Burkle Investing In Duncan Heath's London Talent Agency: But Why?

UPDATE: Duncan Heath responds to what I wrote: “So I guess you don’t like me. That’s OK. On a personal level, one probably has to bite the bullet — that’s just life. But I cannot keep quiet when it involves Independent Talent and its finances. The company did not need a ‘financial rescuer’ and never has. The finances of the company are incredibly robust. As our press release clearly states, we want to expand the business, and Yucaipa and Ron Burkle are going to help us do just that.”

PREVIOUS: I’d heard a few months ago that London tenpercenter Duncan Heath and investor Ron Burkle were talking. But when it comes to the agent, that’s all he ever does is talk, talk, talk. He’s been looking for a financial rescuer for his Independent Talent Group (aka Independent Talent Agency, formerly ICM-UK) for seemingly forever — something Heath’s own statement accompanying today’s news readily admits. Frankly, I washed my hands of Heath a long time ago after he flunked my truthfulness test. So now he and Burkle’s Yucaipa  Companies have consummated a deal. Exactly how Burkle is picking his showbiz partners remains a real mystery to me and others. Ryan Kavanaugh? Duncan Heath? Who’s next — James Robinson? Elie Samaha? David Bergstein?

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