Jason Statham To Star In Brian De Palma-Directed Re-Heated Burt Reynolds Film 'Heat:' Berlin

Jason Statham will star in Heat, a remake of the 1987 Burt Reynolds film that Brian De Palma will direct from a script by the great scribe William Goldman. Goldman who wrote the original script from his novel. Statham plays the recovering gambling addict who makes his living providing protection on the rough edges of the gambling world. When a female friend is beaten by a high-rolling mobster, the enforcer kicks some ass and gets in over his head. Sierra/Affinity will sell in Berlin. When I first got this release, I thought they were remaking the Michael Mann classic Heat, which would have been a travesty. This sounds okay. Statham stars in the Taylor Hackford-directed Parker, also financed by Sierra/Affinity. Steve Chasman and Statham are producing the re-heated Heat, which shoots in France by year’s end.

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