OSCAR Q&A: George Clooney On 'The Descendants', 'Ides Of March' And His Love Affair With Making Movies

At this point in his accomplished, eclectic career, George Clooney enjoys the luxury of taking his pick of film projects that inspire him. In 2011, those were two films: the political drama The Ides Of March, which Clooney co-starred in as well as directed and co-wrote; and The Descendants, co-written and directed by Oscar-winner Alexander Payne. The latter picked up five Oscar nominations, including a Best Actor nom for Clooney, his third in the category. Clooney will be busy on Oscar night, as he’s also up for Adapted Screenplay with his Ides co-writer Grant Heslov. Clooney talked with Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond about his busy season.

AWARDSLINE: What made you most happy about The Descendants?
CLOONEY: I just wanted to work with Alexander first and foremost. I hadn’t read the script when we met in Toronto a little over two years ago. He said, “Do you want to do this movie?” And I said “Yep!” And then he sent me the script and I was just thrilled. It was sort of the same experience I had the first time I met with the Coen brothers and they said “Do you want to do a movie?” and then they sent me O Brother, Where Art Thou? and I was like how lucky I am! (more…)

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