Golden Globes Trial: Judge Urges Both Sides To 'Come To A Settlement'

Ex-HFPA President Says No Meeting Notes Were Destroyed

Freelance journalist Dominic Patten is covering the trial for Deadline.

Settle this thing by Friday. That is in essence what Judge A. Howard Matz told lawyers for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Dick Clark Productions on the final day of testimony in their trial over who owns the TV rights to the Golden Globes. “Before Friday,” Matz told the courtroom Tuesday afternoon, “speak with your respective clients to come to their senses and come to a settlement.” Otherwise, he said, with all the likely appeals this could still be going on by the time the next Golden Globes comes around.

The day ended after testimony from former DCP lawyer Joel Behr and defense expert witness and former talent agency executive Susan Brooks on the respective merits of the 1993 perpetuity amendment that lies at the heart of this case. Matz told the courtroom after Brooks had left the stand that “someone’s going to win, someone’s going to lose … and the losing side is going to appeal.” The judge sternly said that in his opinion the “benefits of a settlement are indisputable.” Matz has given no indication when he might rule on the case. He set closing arguments to begin at 9 AM Friday.

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