UPDATE: Disney Sells Out Oscar Ads, And Moves To 28-Day Delay For Rental DVDs

UPDATE, 3:35 PM: CEO Bob Iger seemed more relaxed and feistier than usual in today’s earnings call with analysts. He called the ad market “healthy” — with all spots sold out for the upcoming Academy Awards broadcast. He wouldn’t comment on reports about ABC’s talks to create a news channel with Univision, although he says that Disney has “an interest in seeing that ABC News has an opportunity to flourish.” But he also acknowledged that he’s scratching his head over some recent industry initiatives. Iger says that he’s “still not sure I understand” what Verizon and Redbox have planned for their just-announced streaming service. He added that Disney is “in discussions” to change its DVD and Blu-ray release policy to wait 28 days before selling discs directly to discount rental services such as Redbox and Netflix. Up to now Disney didn’t think that a delay would have much impact on disc sales, but he says that “the industry has continued to suffer on the sell-through side.” Yet Iger sounded frustrated by another initiative to promote disc sales: giving  disc buyers the additional opportunity to stream movies to mobile devices. Disney has its own program, called Key Chest. Iger says, though, that “we haven’t rolled out Key Chest as much as we hoped.” Meanwhile he’s “taking and wait-and-see” on joining other studios that support the UltraViolet streaming program. Iger says he’s “not sure it has proven to be as robust as we expected, or as consumer friendly as we had hoped.” (more…)

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