Hot Bidding Battle: 'Aftershock,' Chilean Earthquake Genre Thriller Starring Eli Roth

EXCLUSIVE: Multiple offers are on the table for Aftershock, an earthquake thriller scripted by Eli Roth, Nicolas Lopez & Guillermo Amoedo. It’s the next ‘Eli Roth Presents’ film, and it marks the English-language debut from director Nicolas Lopez. His last two films, Que Pena Tu Vida and Que Pena Tu Boda, were the highest-grossing Chilean films of 2010 and 2011. Roth most recently produced The Last Exorcism, a microbudget film that grossed $70 million worldwide. I’m told that several distributors are in talks, with the Weinstein Company and Relativity Media among them. The dealmaking will likely take place in Berlin, where, after the success of small-budget genre films like Chronicle and The Last Exorcism, these movies are becoming a license to print money. I’ve heard from potential buyers that the plot revolves around an insane asylum on an island, where the inmates escape during the quake. (more…)

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