Story Behind Disney's Sean Bailey Story

Waltdisneyco1I love how Hollywood has no institutional memory. So what if one media outlet pointed out that, 2 months ago, newly installed Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross sank producer Sean Bailey’s planned $150M production of Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? That, my friends, is mere child’s play. How about the fact that Disney not only terminated Bailey’s big TV deal with the studio during the writers strike, but also threw him off the lot. Back then, Bailey, newly named president of production of Walt Disney Studios, was a TV writer/producer with pilots and series in development or on the air. “It was about as amicable as a termination can be under the circumstances. But it still cost Sean half a million dollars,” my insider tells me. I hope Sean got every penny back in his mogul negotiation. (TOLDJA! Sean Bailey New Disney Prod Prez)

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