UPDATE: Ex-HFPA President Says Transcripts Of Key Meeting “Missing”

Freelance journalist Dominic Patten is covering the trial for Deadline.

UPDATE, 1:50 PM: Mirjana Van Blaricom testified that “something is missing” from transcripts of the pivotal HFPA membership meeting at which a disputed perpetuity amendment was presented by Golden Globes producer Dick Clark Productions. The HFPA’s president at the time insisted Friday afternoon on the stand that despite a lack of documentation, the organization’s members on September 22, 1993 had a half-hour discussion about the amendment and the longevity of the deal with DCP after DCP executives had left the presentation. “We had discussions,” Van Blaricom testified in a heated exchange with HFPA lawyer Dan Petrocelli, that “as long as Dick Clark keeps us on NBC, he had rights to Golden Globes. Members knew exactly that was the deal.”

Von Blaricom left the HFPA in the mid-1990s amid questions about her leadership. Her testimony as a witness for DCP adds credence to the production company’s claim that it legitimately holds TV rights to the Globes telecast as long as it is televised on NBC.

Earlier testimony from HFPA managing director Chantal Dinnage revealed a chaotic paper trail at the association, with missing transcripts, erased recordings and omitted minutes throughout the decades. DCP lawyer Marty Katz, when questioning Van Blaricom today, noted omissions from other HFPA meetings as additional examples. Van Blaricom has concluded her testimony. The trial will continue Tuesday and is expected to wrap up late next week.

PREVIOUS, 11:30 AM: The former Hollywood Foreign Press Association president, who joined the organization during the 1970s and left under a cloud in the mid-’90s, was the one who signed the 1993 perpetuity amendment that is at the heart of the HFPA vs. Dick Clark Productions trial over who owns TV rights to the Golden Globes. That amendment is where DCP received the initial right to negotiate the show in perpetuity with NBC — the very right the HFPA now seeks to regain for itself. Van Blaricom has just taken the stand and her testimony is likely to last the rest of the day. Court is expected to conclude in early afternoon.

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