Matt Lieberman To Write New 'Short Circuit'

Dimension Films has tapped Disney writers program alum Matt Lieberman to script its family film Short Circuit. Tim Hill (Alvin And The Chipmunks), already attached to direct, will work closely with Lieberman in re-imagining the 1980s John Badham film about a lab robot that is electrocuted and becomes intelligent. Details of the new version are being kept secret. David Foster, who produced the original, is producing with Ryan E. Heppe, John Hyde and Brian Manis. A Summer 2013 release is planned with shooting scheduled for the end of this year. The deal was negotiated for Dimension Films by Adrian Lopez, VP of Business and Legal and Matthew Signer, SVP of Production and Creative Affairs, and for the filmmakers by Brad Rosenfeld at Preferred Artists and Melissa Rogal at Lichter, Grossman, Nichols, Adler & Feldman. Lieberman is represented by Rosenfeld, Rogal and Adam Kolbrenner at Madhouse.

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