AOL And Huffington Post To Launch Streaming News Service

If you’re already overwhelmed by the amount of online video, just wait: AOL will introduce its ad-supported HuffPost Streaming Network on the Web this summer with 12 hours of original news and commentary each weekday — rising to 16 hours by the end of 2013. HuffPo founding editor Roy Sekoff, who’ll over see the venture, tells me that viewers can watch the service live, or on a VOD basis although there won’t necessarily be scheduled shows. His goal is to go with the flow of what’s “buzzy and talked about” in the course of the day. “We’re the video manifestation of the Huffington Post,” he says. He also expects it to be more timely than the content on most of YouTube’s new channels. “They want more evergreeny stuff,” he says. Still, Sekoff says, “we’re not about the scoop. We’re about the conversation afterward.” Sekoff will oversee about 100 people working exclusively on HPSN, but other reporters at AOL will contribute. At the start, eight hours of daily programming will emanate from New York with the rest coming from Los Angeles. No word on how much AOL plans to spend on the operation, or what kinds of ad arrangements it will make. Sekoff hopes to land five or six founding sponsors, “premium brands who want to take a leap of faith” much the way Budweiser did with ESPN. The announcement comes almost exactly a year after AOL announced its agreement to buy The Huffington Post.

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