SAG & AFTRA Presidents Send Letter To Members, Call Merger “Historic Opportunity”

There has been a lot to process for SAG and AFTRA members this weekend between the votes by the union’s boards to approve a merger and the SAG Awards. Also today, SAG president Ken Howard and his AFTRA counterpart Roberta Reordan sent a joint letter to their members detailing the ballot procedure. As part of it, SAG and AFTRA will launch a joint Web site on Feb.3. Here is the letter:

To Our Fellow AFTRA and SAG Members:

This weekend, the SAG and AFTRA National Boards took a decisive step to strengthen our future by overwhelmingly endorsing a plan to merge the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild. If members approve the merger, the new union will be called SAG-AFTRA. (more…)

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