UPDATE: Les Moonves Can't Get Out Of Testifying Live At Golden Globes Trial

Freelance journalist Dominic Patten is covering the trial for Deadline.

Golden Globes Courtroom Sideshow Begins

2ND UPDATE: Judge agreed later today that Dick Clark doesn’t have to testify in person and excerpts from his videotaped deposition will suffice. Lawyers still trying over this weekend to get Moonves out of testifying either Tuesday or Wednesday.

UPDATE:CBS mogul Les Moonves just phoned Nikki Finke to say he tried not to testify in person at the Golden Globes trial. His attorneys thought they’d gotten him out of being a plaintiff witness for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. “I did do a deposition on tape. But the judge didn’t allow it. So I am going to testify.” Moonves made his videotaped deposition during the summer of 2011. He’s a pivotal witness because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would like to open up a dialogue with other networks and not just have NBC broadcast the TV rights of the awards show in perpetuity under the existing deal with Dick Clark Productions. That’s what this trial is all about.

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