Fox Greenlights Mike O’Malley/John Wells Comedy Pilot 'Prodigy Bully'

Fox has given a pilot order to Prodigy Bully, a half-hour comedy written by Glee co-star Mike O’Malley and executive produced by John Wells. Based on the Prodigy Bully one-minute movies by Hank Perlman, the comedy centers on a young boy genius who uses his brains and brawn to get whatever he wants. John Wells Prods. and Warner Bros TV are producing, with Wells, Paris Barclay and JWP’s Andrew Stearn executive producing and O’Malley co-executive producing. This is the second time Prodigy Bully has gotten to a pilot stage. JWP and WBTV first took a stab at developing a single-camera comedy based on the Prodigy Bully shorts during the 2005-2006 season. Titled Prodigy/Bully, the project was picked up to pilot at NBC, with Perlman and Steve Elliott writing, Perlman directing, Wells, Barclay and Jon Feldman executive producing and Josh Flitter playing the lead, 9-year-old Henry Tammer. This marks the first pilot order for O’Malley as a writer. He also serves as a scribe on the Showtime drama Shameless, produced by WBTV and John Wells. He recently wrote and produced the indie Certainty, which won Best Screenplay, Best Ensemble Cast and Best Editing at the Boston Film Festival.

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