Is Marty/Leo Manager Rick Yorn In Play?

On Wall Street they talk about a company being “in play” when a battle for ownership is about to wage. That’s the buzz in Hollywood tonight regarding Rick Yorn, the manager/producer who represents major AAA-list talent like Leonardo DiCaprio, Marty Scorsese, Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro. I’m figuring the reason is that Yorn’s deal with The Firm is up in June, sources say. This week, the talk was that Yorn is “definitely” leaving Jeff Kwatinetz’s company where he has been a principal since an internal restructuring in 2005 when Kwatinetz and Yorn renewed and extended their partnerships. Then, tonight, Yorn had to deny the rumor sweeping Hollywood that he was headed to Endeavor talent agency, where Scorsese is repped. (Leo doesn’t have an agent and for years has just parked himself with Yorn and attorney Steve Warren of Hansen Jacobson Teller Hoberman Newman Warren & Richman.) Another tie to the agency is that Rick also throws a private Oscar party with Endeavor’s Patrick Whitesell. I know that Yorn has been telling everyone, including tenpercenteries who have been trying to sweet-talk him on board, that he doesn’t want to become an agent. I repeat, does NOT want to become an agent. This, after working for management companies Addis/Wechsler, and then Michael Ovitz’s Artists Management Group, and then The Firm’s Kwatinetz, who’s trying to knock down the buzz by  telling Hollywood tonight that Yorn is “solid” with his company. But many still doubt that Yorn is going to stay. “He needs to make the most money he can make, and he’s not going to make it with Jeff Kwatinetz,” an insider told me tonight. One thing is clear: Yorn has been out and about a lot recently. Just the other day, he was at the Fox commissary having lunch with Tom Rothman. Rick, of course, is part of the Yorn dynasty in Hollywood, all prominent in their fields: brother Pete is a musician, other brother Kevin is an entertainment attorney, and ex sister-in-law Julie is also a manager/producer. My advice? Stay tuned.

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