Project Pinewood Development Refused Local Planning Permission

Pinewood Shepperton Studios’ £200 million Project Pinewood development hit a roadblock today when its planning permission was rejected by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, effectively kiboshing the project. Back in 2009, Pinewood submitted an application to develop what would have been a purpose-built living and working community for the creative industries – including 16 permanent streetscapes for external filming. The streetscapes would have represented such cities as Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Prague, San Francisco and New Orleans giving British filmmakers on a tight budget the opportunity to shoot locally while also enhancing Pinewood’s international offer. Further, Project Pinewood envisioned building 1400 homes, including affordable housing, that would have been open to all comers and provided special discounted rates for staff. Technical and craft training facilities were also on deck. In a bugaboo somewhat reminiscent of the DreamWorks/Playa Vista debacle, however, the acreage Pinewood is eyeing is in a “greenbelt” of protected land. Pinewood owns the land, but had to prove “special circumstances” in order to go ahead with the building. Complicating matters, (more…)

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