Report: Lionsgate's 'Abduction' Home Video Debuts Day And Date On Facebook

Lionsgate is releasing the home video version of the Taylor Lautner movie Abduction today simultaneously via rentals on Facebook, DVD, Blu-ray and digital download. Lionsgate anticipates the strategy will provide extra mileage in the rental market as well as gaining social media benefits such as customer emails and increased interaction, according to the Financial Times. This will provide Lionsgate with a direct link to customers. EVP Anne Parducci says the company knows who its Facebook page fans are “but we don’t have a direct to consumer relationship with them.” Abduction, which took in $28.1 million domestically, will cost $3.99 for a 48-hour Facebook rental via credit card or PayPal. Lionsgate opted not to use Facebook Credits, which charges distributors 30% for each transaction. Since Warner Bros offered The Dark Knight for rental via Facebook last March, more than a dozen studios have offered previously released rentals. Lionsgate is including special features such as an interview with Lautner and key scenes with quote pop-ups for users to comment on and share. Information studios glean from Facebook allows them to tailor ad campaigns accordingly.

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