James Cameron Opens Australia Branch Of 3D Production Services Company

James Cameron today opened the Australian office of the 3D technologies and production services company Cameron Pace Group. Based in Melbourne, the Australian arm of the company will be run by managing director Andrew Wight. It’s the first foreign office for the company formed by Cameron and director of photography Vince Pace. The Australian office will accomodate growing demand for CPG’s technology and 3D camera equipment. Cameron and Pace, working with their chief technology officer Patrick Campbell, developed the production system Fusion 3D that was used for Avatar, Hugo, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, the upcoming Life Of Pi and other movies and live sports events. Cameron praised Wight as a longtime collaborator and Wight said “there is a wealth of creative talent in this country, and now we can provide the 3D know-how and equipment to match that talent.”

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