OSCARS: Academy Tightens Documentary Rules; Too Much Power To LA-NY Times?

EXCLUSIVE: Next week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences will announce a major change in the way documentaries will be eligible for the Best Feature Documentary Oscar competition, and it gives newfound power to the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times in determining what movies make the cut. Currently, rules only require a seven-day run in Los Angeles County and New York City that must be advertised in a major newspaper (defined as LA Times or LA Weekly in LA, and NY Times or Village Voice or Time Out New York in NY). But now, in an attempt to further weed out the influx of docs generally designed to run only on television, a review of the film MUST appear in either the LA Times or the NY Times at the time of opening along with adhering to the previous rules. According to Academy COO Ric Robertson, the new requirement is a further step (more…)

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