UPDATED: Cheat Sheet on Network Pilots

WEEKEND UPDATE! Primetime Pilot Panic: ABC/12, NBC/9, Fox/6, CBS/0, CW/0

Latest CBS Pilot Pickup Cheat Sheet.

UPDATESorkin’s Studio 60 Gets NBC Pickup

This is that time of year when agents, studios, producers, writers, actors, and the coffee cart guy bite their nails down to the nub waiting for a fall pickup by the TV networks. I feel your pain. So here’s an exclusive cheat sheet (updated) I’ve just been slipped about how the networks really feel about the pilots that have not been picked up yet. It’s solid, I promise, because two shows I was told in it were locks have just been OKed by FBC: Til Death, and Vanished (“Hot, Hot Hot.” “This is also rumored to be getting an early pick up next week.”) I’ll continue to update it as warranted. So read it and relax. Or weep:

6 Degrees: “Hot.” “ABC liked cut.” (update) “New problem. J.J. Abrams might not stay with the show now that he’s so busy as a director.”

Help Me Help You: (update) “Pilot with Ted Danson really hot.”

Drift: “ABC liked cut and need it to work.”

Secrets of a Small Town: “Highest testing drama.” “Looks gorgeous.”

Traveler: “Apparently this is Warner Bros.’s favorite pilot and ABC likes as well.” “Studio is pushing hard.”

Ugly Betty: “Came in better than expected, but still lukewarm.”

A House Divided: “Warm.”

60 Minute Man: “Ice cold, the cut was apparently a disaster.”

20 Questions: “Conflicting reports, some say chilly, others say warm.”

Brothers & Sisters: “Calista Flockhart tested poorly.” “It’s as good as gone.” (update) “Yes, initially she tested poorly. But then they recut it, and tests came up.”

October Road: “Looks really good, but I’m hearing that they won’t pick this up and Secrets of a Small Town. It will be either/or.”

Nine Lives: “Hot.” “Looking good.”

Shark: “Hottest pilot at CBS.”

Company Town, 3 lbs, Jericho: “All hot.” (update) “Wait, 3 lbs conflicted. Not hot.”

Shadow of Law: “Since it’s Carol Mendelsohn, it’s as good as on air.”

Edison: “Conflicting reports.”

Orpheus: “Haven’t heard anything about.”

Aquaman: “Losing steam.” [Though Dawn Ostroff, the president of entertainment and chief programmer, told the NYT that it was promising, along with She Said, He Said, starring Nick Lachey.]

Palm Springs: “Warm.”

Runaway: “On air.”

Primary: “Scorching.” “This is rumored to be getting an early pick up next week.”

Damages: “Another rumored to be possibly getting an early pick-up for #3.”

13 Graves: “FBC likes.”

American Crime: “So-so.”

Southern Comfort: “Middle of the road for FBC, but acting & directing have made it better than expected.”

Beyond: “Cold.”

Faceless: “Shooting was a disaster & FBC is not happy with cut.” “The temp is lukewarm.”

Wedding Album: “Dead on arrival.”

Friday Night Lights: “NBC is very happy with.”

Heroes: “Probably the hottest at NBC.”


Haskett’s Chance: “Cold.” “Least likely to be picked up.”

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