ABC's Shawn Ryan Drama On Verge Of Pilot Order, Martin Campbell Set To Direct

Last Resort, the large-scope drama from The Shield creator Shawn Ryan and feature writer Karl Gajdusek, is staffing up while waiting a formal pilot green light from ABC. The Sony TV-produced project, which already has a hefty pilot production commitment, has tapped Casino Royale helmer Martin Campbell to direct the pilot and has also hired a line producer and a casting director. Last Resort is a thriller set in the near future when the country is very fractured and revolves around the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine who become hunted after ignoring an order to shoot nuclear missiles. They escape to a NATO listening outpost where they publicly declare themselves to be the world’s smallest nuclear nation with 24 nuclear warheads. The show explores the society the fugitives create, the natives they meet and how what they’ve done affects the group and its unity. When Last Resort‘s pickup becomes official, it will join the just greenlighted Roland Emmerich one-hour, a metaphysical drama set against the backdrop of the 2012 Presidential race. Early in the pilot pickup process, ABC seems to be going for big-swing dramas helmed by feature directors. Campbell most recently directed The Green Lantern.

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