Reports: China Succeeds In Curbing 'Entertainment' On Primetime TV

Satellite broadcasters in China have drastically cut back the number of entertainment shows during primetime under a government mandate announced in October. Under rules that went into effect Sunday broadcasters are limited to two primetime entertainment shows each week and a maximum of 90 minutes on any day between 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. In complying with the mandate, the number of entertainment shows during primetime has fallen to 38 from 126, the Wall Street Journal reports. Goal of the government mandate was to ‚Äúpromote traditional virtues and socialist core values.” In a Communist Party journal President Hu Jintao warned that the country must promote its own culture over “westernization” promoted by hostile forces, according to Reuters. “We must clearly be aware that international enemy forces are stepping up their strategic plots to westernize and split our country.”

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