AT&T Agrees To Pay TiVo $215M To Avoid Jury Trial In Patent Infringement Dispute

TiVo shares are up 11.4% in after-hours trading following its latest victory in its campaign to demonstrate that it controls the patents behind some of the most popular features for DVRs — including the ability to watch one program while recording another. AT&T said it will pay TiVo at least $215M through mid-2018 to license its DVR technology, with additional monthly license fees if AT&T’s DVR subscriber base grows beyond an undisclosed level. That heads off a jury trial in Texas over TiVo’s patent infringement claims — on largely the same issues that enabled it to prevail over Dish Network in a similar series of cases that resulted in a settlement last year. AT&T and TiVo dismissed their suits against each other, and agreed to cross license their advanced TV technologies. TiVo CEO Tom Rogers called it “a great outcome for our shareholders” that also “allows us to avoid significant legal expenses.”

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