Russian & Chinese Filmmakers Plan Remake Of 'Yolki' (Six Degrees Of Celebration)

EXCLUSIVE: In one of the first partnerships of its kind, Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov is teaming with Chinese filmmaker Eva Jin (Sophie’s Revenge) on a Russian/Chinese remake of Yolki (Six Degrees of Celebration). They will be among several filmmakers who’ll direct segments of the film. The deal comes after Yolki 2 topped the box office in Russia last weekend with $7.8 million gross. The 2010 first film became Russia’s most successful local movie in the past three years. Yolki tells the stories of eight different Russians – from eight different time zones – and how their destinies intersect one New Years Eve.  The remake will be framed around the Chinese New Year. There will be eight stories connected by a young orphan girl who must deliver a message to the President and whose only hope is to use the theory of “six degrees of separation” – that all people on Earth, from the lowliest migrant worker to government leaders, are connected by six handshakes. As was done in the Russian original, multiple filmmakers will direct the various story lines. Bekmambetov (who co-directed the original) and Jin will each direct one of the vignettes. Dede Nickerson will Executive Produce. Bekmambetov and Jin are discussing a 2013 release. Bekmambetov just wrapped Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for Fox.

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