Nielsen And comScore Settle Digital Measurement Patent Suits

Digital ad buyers and sellers can relax: Nielsen and comScore will continue to provide their measurements showing how many people view different websites — a key part of the process to determine how much ads cost. Nielsen was given $19M in comScore stock — which it can’t vote, and must hold for at least a year —  and the companies will cross-license their measurement technologies. Nielsen kicked off the dispute in March by filing a patent infringement suit at the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va. A few weeks later, comScore returned with a case making similar patent infringement charges against Nielsen. As part of the settlement, the companies have agreed not to bring a patent infringement suit against each other for at least three years. The resolution “creates an incentive for our companies to explore potential forms of collaboration to better serve our clients,” says Nielsen’s Steve Hasker, President of Media Products and Advertiser Solutions. ComScore CEO Magid Abraham says the terms “signal a new phase of cooperation for our companies and enable us to better deliver the innovation and value the industry needs.”

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