Howard Stern's New Gig Draws Ire Of PTC

You knew the Parents Television Council has had its finger on the “Send” button of this one ever since shock jock Howard Stern was rumored to be in the running to replace Piers Morgan as a judge on NBC’s summer hit America’s Got Talent. Well, the move became official this morning, and PTC president Tim Winter ripped into NBC brass for it. “The once-proud broadcast network has lost its way and has made it clear it holds no concern whatsoever for children and families,” he said “It also risks losing millions in advertising dollars.” It will be interesting to see how network execs and advertisers deal with Stern, who moved to satellite radio to get away from the constraints he’ll certainly find on broadcast television. And how long before Stern says something he shouldn’t and NBC releases its own statement about how shocked they are that he would say something like that? Doesn’t his hire suggest that is NBC’s expectation? Stay tuned.

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