Anchor Bay Acquires Nicolas Cage Pic 'Seeking Justice'

Anchor Bay Films has landed U.S. rights to the Nicolas Cage thriller Seeking Justice and has slated it for a March 16 theatrical release. January Jones and Guy Pearce co-star in the film, which was directed by Roger Donaldson. The plot revolves around inner-city teacher Will (Cage) and his musician wife Laura (Jones) whose lives are torn apart when she is brutally assaulted and he is approached by a man (Pearce) offering to dispense immediate justice on the perpetrators. Will accepts and is pulled into an underground vigilante organization that leads to frightening and dangerous consequences. The film, previously titled The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, was produced by Endgame Entertainment’s James D. Stern, Ram Bergman and Material Entertainment’s Tobey Maguire and Jenno Topping.

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