LA Times Gets New Editor Without Warning: Showbiz Coverage Still Lazy And Irrelevant

If it’s Tuesday there must be a new Los Angeles Times top editor. Not that it’ll matter to Hollywood since the newspaper’s entertainment business coverage remains smug, lazy, and uninformed. Editor Russ Stanton will step down as the Editor/EVP on December 23 after four years and Managing Editor Davan Maharaj will take over the top newsroom job. He’ll become the paper’s 15th editor and is a 22-year LAT veteran. The official statement from LAT President/COO Officer Kathy Thomson in the paper only says Stanton “moves on to the next phase of his career”. During Stanton’s tenure, the LAT newsroom staff shrank from more than 900 people to about 550. As much as Stanton tried to make the LAT a bigger online presence, his leadership emphasized celebrity over substance in entertainment coverage. The result is that the newsosaur is now irrelevant in the Hollywood community and the proof is in the LAT‘s dwindling movie and TV advertising revenues.

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