'Avatar' Now 78% Of Online Tickets Sales

UPDATE: That’s as of this morning, according to the big online movie ticketseller Fandango. MovieTickets.com says Avatar currently accounts for 70% of all its ticket sales this week and is reporting 350 sold out Avatar performances. Both services say between 68%-78% ticket buyers are male. And that 75%-89% of all Avatar ticket sales are for 3-D or IMAX 3-D screenings.

Fandango also just surveyed more than 2,000 Avatar ticket-buyers and found:

* 76% consider themselves fans of James Cameron
* 45% say that “James Cameron’s return as a director” was the main draw
* 72% say the positive advance reviews have increased their interest in the movie
* 70% say they do not care about the film’s budget
* 72% had seen STAR TREK in theaters
* 62% had seen TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN in theaters
* 48% had seen TERMINATOR SALVATION in theaters
* 15% are ages 18-24
* 37% are ages 25-34
* 33% are ages 35-49

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