Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo' Held Hostage In Paris Over The Weekend

Live in France long enough and one can become inured to the strikes and social movements that, for good or bad, happen with regularity. But, this weekend a relatively small protest particularly stood out when Martin Scorsese’s Hugo was held hostage by labor issues. On Friday, workers at the LTC post-production labs just outside Paris went on strike to protest the possible liquidation of the company. In so doing, they also blocked access to about 140 copies of Scorsese’s movie and planned to do so all weekend. Hugo opens in France on Wednesday this week on just under 700 screens, according to Metropolitan Filmexport president Victor Hadida. Hadida tells Deadline that the copies in question were 35mm and in 2D (the rest of the copies are going out in digital 3D). Attempts by Metro to get them extricated from the lab were unsuccessful. So, says Hadida, an alternative solution was needed, stat. (more…)

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