2010 Golden Globes: My Non-Analysis

UPDATES HFPA’s 2010 Golden Globes Nominations

Here I am posting the 2010 Golden Globes nominations held by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with the awards to be broadcast on NBC live on January 17th. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it’s a completely meaningless awards show by a scandal-riddled organization on a network desperate for any kind of ratings. Why? Because the Golden Globes have zero integrity. Studios and networks who lavishly lobby the HFPA almost always score nominations. Stars win in direct correlation to their glamour quotient. Everything about the awards is geared towards hyping the media’s interest and the telecast’s ratings. Even the small motley group of freelancers who belong to the HFPA won’t grant membership to the real foreign journalists at the prestige newspapers across the world. NBC and Dick Clark Productions could clean up the Globes but choose not to. Instead, the entire entertainment industry props up this pathetic show because it’s seen as a night-long marketing tool. Therefore, it’s ridiculous for anyone to consider the movie categories as a window on the Oscar frontrunners. So I refuse to treat these nominations with any seriousness. (And if you don’t want that, then for crissakes stop reading me…)

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