Two More Comedy Pitches Land At Nets

Fox has bought Move Over, a relationship comedy from writer/executive producer Timothy Stack (Son Of The Beach), while the CW has bought The Makery, an ensemble multi-camera/hybrid comedy written by Jason Benoit and executive produced by Teri Weinberg and Scott Aversano. Move Over, from 20th Century Fox TV, centers on a couple in their late 20s who divorce and find themselves in need of living together in the same apartment due to the financial crisis. Paradigm-repped Stack was a consulting producer on NBC’s My Name Is Earl where he also played Tim Stack, a fictional version of himself. He is currently a consulting producer on Fox’s Raising Hope. The Makery, from Weinberg’s Yellow Brick Road and Aversano’s Aversano Films, explores the life experiences of a group of 20-somethings in today’s tech-driven, entrepreneurial generation through the eyes of Ky Harrel and her sex and relationships column.

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