ABC Hails Taxis With A Deal To Boost Its Backseat Audience In NYC

When I take a taxi I usually turn off the intrusive TV screen on the back of the driver’s seat. But lots of people don’t, which is why they’re attractive to advertisers — and the folks at ABC, who just announced that they will sell ads and provide snippets of programming to about 10,000 cabs that receive video from Creative Mobile Technologies. The agreement, which takes effect on January 1, includes 6,600 NYC cabs and “significantly expands the growth opportunities ahead for our taxi TV programming and advertising business,” says Dave Davis, President and General Manager of WABC-TV in New York. The companies say that “ABC’s substantial and growing presence in Times Square will afford myriad synergistic opportunities with CMT’s in-taxi media.” (Uh-oh.) Cabs in the Big Apple that receive programming from CMT will offer local news and weather updated four times a day, and news-you-can-use features. The loop begins shortly after the driver flips the meter. The deal also covers CMT-affiliated cabs in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Anaheim, Kansas City, Denver, Columbus, and Charlotte. The companies say that the agreement will “lay the groundwork for additional expansion into new markets … in the coming months.” They didn’t disclose financial terms.

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