UPDATE: Paramount Says Jeremy Renner Never Told 'Extra' He's Taking Over 'Mission: Impossible' From Tom Cruise

2ND UPDATE 8:30 PM: Extra has now revised its website. Here is the full account of how Jeremy Renner replied to the question about “the rumors his Mission: Impossible character might possibly take over in a 5th installment of the franchise. Renner shot down the rumor, replying: ‘I don’t think that’s really ever a possibility. I think the possibility, first and foremost, is for audiences to receive this movie and like it, want to see more. And then it’s Tom’s willingness to want to do another one, to put together another big movie like this. These aren’t easy to put together. So if Paramount and Tom want me to do it, I’d be happy to be a part of it. I’d be up for it… assuming my character doesn’t croak. I’m not going to tell ya!’ “

UPDATE 7:30 PM: Now Paramount is denying the Extra account of its interview with Jeremy Renner. In fact Deadline was just played a portion of the tape by the studio. Renner is asked about the rumors that he would replace Tom Cruise on the Mission: Impossible franchise. And Renner responds: “No, I don’t think that’s ever really a possibility.” Sounds like Extra didn’t present Renner’s full reply and in doing so changed the meaning of what he said. But it’s also clear from the way the studio jumped into the fray that Paramount wants to ensure no bad blood between Renner and Cruise.

PREVIOUS: During an Extra interview promoting Paramount’s Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, Jeremy Renner replied to a question about taking over the franchise lead: “I’d be up for it, and Tom wants me to do it. I’d be happy to be a part of it. But that’s assuming my character doesn’t croak [in this one]. I’m not going to tell you.” Renner already has taken over a new lead role in Universal’s Bourne franchise.

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