UPDATE: First 'Avatar' Reviews Crashing Websites; Great Buzz On Blockbuster

avatar blue

BREAKING NEWS! So much for the accuracy of tracking. There’s obviously huge online curioisty about James Cameron’s 3-D latest. The Hollywood Reporter‘s glowing early review of Avatar released just now has crashed the trade paper’s website because of a Drudge Report pickup. The Times of London, KTLA’s Sam Rubin, and other stellar reviews are pouring in and revving up Internet traffic…

Avatar premiered in the UK today. Even though London critics had to sign away their firstborns promising not to review the film until Monday, their drooling reactions are starting to dribble onto the Internet especially via Twitter. I can’t find anyone who seriously says Avatar stinks up the joint. Instead, many are quite effusive in their praise and think it’s kickass spectacular. Generally, the critical reaction is far above average, which bodes well for the film’s word of mouth. Then again, the British may not be familiar with Smurfs.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2009/12/london-weighs-in-early-on-camerons-avatar-19878/