Bloomberg: No Time Like Present For Jobs Heirs To Sell Apple, Disney Stock

Laurene Powell Jobs might never find a better time to sell her late husband Steve’s $6.78 billion stake in Apple and Walt Disney Co., according to wealth management experts who talked to Bloomberg News. Jobs’ heirs could sell all their shares now and avoid $867 million in capital gains taxes. If Steve Jobs left everything to his wife, the family wouldn’t be liable for the 35% estate tax until she dies or gives money to others. “I can’t see any reason not to sell all of it,” said Kacy Gott of wealth-management firm Aspiriant. Another reason advisers said Jobs’ heirs should sell some stock to reduce the estate’s risks is that the capital gains tax is set to rise to 20% percent in 2013 from 15%. High-income Americans will also be subject to a 3.8% levy on unearned gains. (more…)

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