Fox Sports Asks Court To Dismiss Dodgers From Bankruptcy

Fox Sports has asked a federal bankruptcy court to dismiss the Dodgers from bankruptcy as the networks said it would earlier this week, the LA Times reported late Friday. Fox Sports said it is not necessary for owner Frank McCourt to market the team’s TV rights to fulfill his obligations to creditors. Fox contends McCourt can repay his creditors in full simply by selling the team “for a handsome price” either with the current TV contract with Fox Sports or with a new owner negotiating a new TV deal. The team’s bankruptcy likely would hamper Fox’s ability to enforce its existing contract without court intervention. The Dodgers would like to auction those rights and attract higher bids for the team and for those broadcast rights. Fox has asked the court to enforce the current contract that bars the Dodgers from discussions with any other media outlets before November 30, 2012. Major League Baseball extracted an agreement with McCourt to sell the team, and he’s promised to close a sale by April 30. Fox cited the $160 million contract with Matt Kemp as evidence that bankruptcy is not necessary for the Dodgers to continue operating and that McCourt is just trying to come out of any deal with more money in his own pocket.

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