Amazon: IMDb Ageism Lawsuit “Frivolous”

Actress Sues Amazon For Showing Her Age On Industry Database IMDb

Amazon has asked a U.S. judge to throw out a $1 million lawsuit brought last month by an actress who was complained that her age was revealed without her permission on the company’s movie and TV database IMDb. The woman, who did not identify herself in court filings, said offers for roles dropped significantly after her age (40) was posted in her profile on the site; she said IMDb obtained her age from credit card information when she subscribed to IMDb Pro. Soon after, AFTRA and SAG panned IMDb for promoting age discrimination. Today, in two motions filed to dismiss the case, Amazon’s lawyers said the suit was “frivolous,” and the actress not identifying herself violates court rules. “Plaintiff’s attempt to manipulate the federal court system so she can censor’s display of her birthdate and pretend to the world that she is not 40 years old is selfish, contrary to the public interest and a frivolous abuse of this court’s resources,” they wrote. Amazon also claims that using credit card info is “consistent with the subscriber agreement and privacy policy.” IMDb also said it refused the actress’ request to take down her birthdate, noting that she had requested the site post a false age.

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