Adobe Prepares To Pull The Plug On Controversial Flash Player Plug-In

Adobe says it will “no longer adapt” the once-dominant program for handling multimedia and animation on computers and mobile devices — and that Steve Jobs once famously banned from Apple products. In an email to developers initially obtained by ZDNet, Adobe  added that it will “continue to support the current Android and PlayBook configurations with critical bug fixes and security updates.” Jobs led the opposition to the program, which he said in 2010 was unreliable, vulnerable to hacking, a battery hog, and gave Adobe too much power over the services that could be offered on mobile devices. Apple, Google, and Microsoft said that they preferred an open system, HTML5 — although Flash survived, finding homes on Google Android and BlackBerry smartphones. Even Jobs backed off somewhat last year, enabling third party developers to incorporate Flash into their programs for Apple devices. But the trend lines were moving in the wrong direction for Flash. For example, Microsoft stopped accommodating it in the Web browsers for its newest mobile phones.

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