Can Yahoo Become The Leading Destination For Politics Junkies In 2012?

That’s what the struggling Internet search and content company hopes to accomplish as it unveils today what it calls “the first stage of an ambitious yearlong program” to build on its partnership with ABC News and cover 2012 campaign issues — and especially the presidential horse race. The effort includes a “TV-quality web show” called Remake America that will launch in January and track how eight families perceive the unfolding national debate. (People who want to be considered for the show can apply here.) Yahoo also plans to create social networks for groups such as mothers and young voters who want to discuss common interests. The Internet company has beefed up its political reporting and analysis staff under Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian, who used to oversee political coverage at ABC and the PBS NewsHour. In addition to its original content, the company will tap reporting and analysis from The Atlantic, The Blaze,, Forbes, National Journal, Reuters, and This Week. Yahoo promises “deep integration” with ABC News, including lots of newsmaker interviews based on questions solicited from Yahoo users. But the most intriguing — and potentially scary — change is the planned launch of a blog called The Signal. Yahoo says it will use its “planet-scale cloud technology and research resources” to “capture the national mood and project what is likely to happen” in the campaign with “up-to-the minute predictions, sentiment, games, and commentary.”

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