TNT Drama Pilot 'Scent Of The Missing' Casts Its Canine Stars

Like with women over 50, lead TV series roles for dogs are few and far between. That’s why competition among canine actors was fierce for the starring roles in TNT’s drama pilot Scent Of The Missing. After an extensive auditioning process, golden retriever Jackson landed the lead dog role of Puzzle. Executive produced by co-writers Carol Mendelsohn, Melissa R. Byer & Treena Hancock and Barry Josephson, Scent Of The Missing centers on Susannah (Tricia Helfer), a tenacious, strong-willed K-9 Search and Rescue volunteer who works with an equally determined partner — her mischievous golden retriever. Saint Bernard/Australian Shepherd mix Bolt and German Shepherd San nabbed the key supporting roles of Shadow and Chaos, the canine partners of K-9 Search and Rescue team members Jake (Eric Winter) and Sedona (Summer Glau), respectively. Is it too late to pitch my master impersonator long haired German Shepherd for a role? (That’s him in character pictured on the left. I haven’t broken the news to him yet that The Playboy Club has been canceled.) Here is the official “press release” announcing the casting the four-legged stars complete with their representation information:

Jackson, a golden retriever, started his acting career as a puppy in Disney’s Treasure Buddies. He’s thrilled to be making his small screen debut as Puzzle, a rambunctious, water loving, search and rescue dog. Like Puzzle, Jackson loves to work and has his nose to the grindstone, learning search and rescue techniques and training to do his own stunts. Jackson is especially looking forward to be being partnered with Tricia Helfer. (more…)

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