Snow Ices Box Office: 'Puss In Boots' #1, 'Paranormal' #2, 'In Time' #3, 'Rum Diary' #4

SATURDAY PM, 5TH UPDATE: Jeez, Jeffrey Katzenberg must have enemies in higher places than anyone thought possible. Because studios are telling me this weekend’s freakishly early East Coast snowstorm will definitely take a bite out of box office. (On the other hand, maybe JK has friends in higher places because now no one will know what his movie would have done on its own.) There’s no doubt that DreamWorks Animation’s 3D Puss In Boots distributed by Paramount is finishing the weekend #1 with anywhere from $32.2M to $35M. That’s the range among my sources. So it remains to be seen when the actuals come in on Monday if the cat broke the Halloween weekend record of $33.6M set by Saw III in 2006. The Shrek spinoff’s opening was looking in line with 2011’s other non-summer animated 3D hits like Rio ($39M, also 3D) and Rango ($39M but only 2D) before the snow. But one rival studio exec snarked to me Friday night, “What will DWA think about an opening in the $30sM? Dunno, but it could be more like Puss In Cement Boots.”

Fox’s sci-fi thriller In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried is soft considering the wide release. It’s clear now that Justin, while talented on SNL, is no movie star. FilmDistrict’s The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp also is performing ultralight as expected. Didn’t he make this movie before and wasn’t it called Fear And Loathing? (“Yes, with the same hungover result. Ouch,” one rival studio exec reminded me.) Sony Pictures’ Shakespeare backstory Anonymous opened for a $1M weekend ($350K Friday and $400K Saturday) from just 265 locations. That’s an unremarkable per-screen average of $3,775 even though audiences gave it an ‘A-‘ CinemaScore. The studio was right to pull it from wide release. Here’s the Top 10:

1. Puss In Boots 3D (Dreamworks Animation/Paramount) NEW [3,952 Theaters]
Friday $9.6M, Saturday $14M, Weekend $33M

Audiences gave it an ‘A-‘ CinemaScore, so the word of mouth and kiddie matinees account for why attendance went up a giant +45% from Friday to Saturday.

2. Paranormal Activity 3 (Paramount) Week 2 [3,329 Theaters]
Friday $7.3M, Saturday $7.7M, Weekend $19M (-64%), Cume $81.5M

That’s an expected drop from a whopping Friday last weekend. But expect a giant Halloween Monday.

3) In Time (Fox) NEW [3,001 Theaters]
Friday $4.5M, Saturday $4.6M, Weekend $12M

Audiences gave the film a ‘B-‘ CinemaScore.

4) Footloose (Paramount) Week 3 [3,224 Theaters]
Friday $2M, Saturday $2.4M, Weekend $5.5M, Cume $38.5M

It’s not unanimous, but the majority of studios tonight have Footloose beating The Rum Diary.

5) The Rum Diary (FilmDistrict) NEW [2,272 Theaters] [2,272 Theaters]
Friday $1.7M, Saturday $1.9M, Weekend $5M

Audiences gave it only a “C’ CinemaScore.

6. Real Steel (DreamWorks/Disney) Week 4 [2,914 Theaters]
Friday $1.6M, Saturday $2.2M, Weekend $4.9M, Cume $74.1M

7. Three Musketeers 3D (Summit) Week 2 [3,017 Theaters]
Friday $1.1M, Saturday $1.5M, Weekend $3.5M (-59%), Cume $14.8M

8. Ides Of March (Sony) Week 4 [1,572 Theaters]
Friday $925K, Saturday $1.3M, Weekend $2.7M, Cume $33.5M

9. Moneyball (Sony) Week 6 [1,631 Theaters]
Friday $750K, Saturday $1.2M, Weekend $2.4M, Cume $67.4M

10. Courageous (Sony) Week 5 [1,134 Theaters]
Friday $550K, Saturday $775M, Weekend $1.8M, Cume $27.6M

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