VIDEO: Johnny Depp Gets His Revenge On Ricky Gervais

Johnny Depp Lining Up For Guest Spot In ‘Life’s Too Short’

Johnny Depp has struck back against Ricky Gervais for the host’s digs at The Tourist made during last year’s Golden Globes broadcast. And he’s gotten help from Ricky Gervais to do it. Depp found time to guest on an episode of Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s new BBC series Life’s Too Short, where he gets a chance to confront Gervais when they sit down for a face-to-face. And he lets him have it in his Depp-ian way: It starts with Depp’s choice of ashtray and gets better from there. The series, which stars Warwick Davis as a conceited and egomaniac agent who runs a talent shop for fellow showbiz dwarfs, airs on HBO next year. Here’s the clip:

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