Warner Bros Gets Tough With Blockbuster Over Rental Window

Warner Bros and Dish Network’s Blockbuster are at odds over a rental-release window for the studio’s films, and now Warners has stopped giving Blockbuster its latest releases. According to the Financial Times, the retailer is refusing Warner Bros’ request to adhere to a 28-day window between films going on sale and their availability for rent, and has purchased films like Horrible Bosses and Green Lantern on the open market to make them available in stores. Those two titles are the first to be released by the studio on the UltraViolet service, which allows playback on multiple devices, so it’s no coincidence that Warners wants to protect its ability to add value in the sale window via such initiatives in the face of declining DVD revenues (see Will ‘Horrible Bosses’ In UltraViolet Begin A Turnaround For Home Video?). “The question is: how do we make ownership more valuable and attractive?” Warner Bros Home Entertainment president Kevin Tsujihara told the FT. “We have started the process of creating a window in bricks-and-mortar DVD and Blu-ray rental.” He added: “(Blockbuster) felt it was important to continue to offer day and date rental, so rather than work with us they went around us.” And watch out, Netflix and Redbox: Tsujihara also said Warner Bros planned to put the same pressure on you, too. “The Netflix and Redbox deals are going to be expiring at the end of the year and beginning of next year and it’s likely we will try to extend those windows,” he told the FT.

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