Kurt Sutter On DirecTV-Fox Nets Carriage Dispute: 'They Can't F–K With 'SOA'''

Kurt Sutter, the colorful creator and showrunner of  FX’s biker drama hit Sons of Anarchy, is never one to miss an opportunity to defend the honor of his show and his network. He’s gotten into hot water in the past for speaking a bit too passionately on Twitter, so he took down his account. Now Sutter has leaped into the fray on his personal blog, Sutter Ink, to voice his displeasure with DirecTV for what he perceives as the satcaster holding Fox’s cable networks (including FX) hostage in a carriage dispute that could result in the nets being dropped by DirecTV on November 1. FX enlisted Sutter to film a promo urging fans to weigh in but didn’t let him use his prepared, profanity-laden script. But that didn’t stop Sutter from posting on his blog the entire promo writeup that includes lines like, “DirecTV is shutting down all conversation and using their customers as leverage. In the process, you’re getting fucked over.” Sutter also took time to praise FX chief John Landgraf. “If it weren’t for that guy,” Sutter wrote, “I’d be selling star maps and handjobs in front of the Motherlode.”

Here’s the full text of Sutter’s typically passionate post:

I just did a promo that will air before Tuesday night’s episode. It’s aim is to mobilize fans against DirecTV. But they refused to let me speak honestly, I had to follow an FX legal script that felt like complete bullshit. I’m sure it will serve it’s purpose, but I feel compelled to let SOA fans know what I WANTED to say. (more…)

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